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Bella Thorne nude leaked pics The Political InsiderLeaked Video Shows Michelle Obama Partying With BeyonceNews Commentary By Rusty Featured Contributor July 24 2017 147PM Leaked video from a private birthday party for pop star Beyonce shows former First Lady Michelle Obama living it up with the famous singer.The party was for the stars 34th birthday in 2016 but video was just recently posted to social media.Two clips have surfaced one of which shows Obama joining others at the party in saying Bye Felicia to a camera phone.Michelle Obama and Beyonc have never kept their mutual appreciation a secret. The two have been friends for almost a decade. It started when Beyonc attended President Obamas inauguration with her husband JayZ in 2008 and later serenaded the new first couple with a rendition of Etta Jamess At Last.Over the years the two cont

Stephanie Corneliussen nude photo cheap mobile adult chat ukTwo videos were posted to The Beyhives fan account on Twitter.The first video showed the RB superstar her sister Solange and the former first lady saying Bye Felicia to what appears to be a cellphone camera.Neverbefore seen footage of Beyoncs center private birthday party was leaked online Friday and former first lady Michelle Obama left definitely got an inviteThe video showed the RB superstar center her sister Solange right and the former first lady left saying Bye Felicia to what appears to be a cellphone cameraBeyonc celebrated her birthday last year with several Alisters including Alicia Keys and Usher Never Before Seen private footage of Beyonc Solange Michelle Obama ByeFelicia pic.twitter.comVrTz6sgsUc THE BEYHIV TheBeyHiveTeam July 21 2017Solange and Queen Bey were wearing party glasses as they all waved to the camera.In another video Beyoncs daughter Blue Ivy was seen dancing for her mom and dad JayZ.Shortly after the video was leaked the Beyhive account tweeted a confirmation that the video was taken at the singers party last year.Its not the first time Queen Bey and Mrs

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Yong teen porn MICHELLE OBAMA LEAKED NUDES Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign inShare Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in10 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in9 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Mar 3 2016 Category

Girls young teen porn live arabsex camsTruth rating 0MediaTakeOutMediaTakeOut is responsible for a shameful April Fools joke. On Saturday the outlet is trying to trick readers into thinking nude photos of Michelle Obama have been leaked by Russian hackers.On the webloids homepage a clothed picture of the former First Lady is featured with the headline MTO SUPER SHOCK EXCLUSIVE Nude Pics Of Former First Lady Michelle Obama Are Leaked ALLEGEDLY By Russian Hackers See screengrab at right and below which also shows the post is touted as graphic. Upon clicking the story the same photo and headline appear. And the article begins Russian Hackers are being blamed for STEALING the US presidential election. Now theyre being accused of something far more scandlaous sic leaking pics of former first lady Michelle Obama.The disreputable and often disgusting site then exclaims April Fools Ha Got YA There are no leaked nude photos and there never were. This is a disturbing prank on several levels. While Gossip Cop busts fake news every day we realize some publications like to engage in April Fools Day shenanigans. But it is particularly reprehensible not to mention gross to use Obama in this manner.It is not only tasteless but also disrespectfu

Gut chat line 10p a min number Now thats a SPEECHBy now you should know how ABSOLUTELY heinous and disgusting Donald Trump is and on Thursday First Lady Michelle Obama perfectly enunciated how so many of us feel about his lewd commentsDuring a rally for Hillary Clinton in Manchester New Hampshire Michelle addressed a crowd of supporters by talking about the political climate and upcoming election before sharing her feelings on Trump.In this election we have a candidate for president of the United States who over his lifetime and the course of this campaign has said things about women that are so demeaning so shocking that I simply wont repeat them here today.The First Lady went on to sayThis was not just a lewd conversation. This wasnt locker room banter. This was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory beha

Camsex free no login Beyonce And Michelle Obama Party Together For Singers Birthday Video Leaked Online Lemonade superstar laughing saying Bye Felisha.Beyonce And Michelle CelebrateBeyonce had a private party back in September to celebrate her 35th birthday. A video was published recently featuring Beyonce and Michelle Obama along with the singers sister Solange and her nephew Julez.The two videos were first posted to Beyonces fan Twitter account The Beyhive according to Daily Mail.The first video showed the Lemonade musician and Barack Obamas wife saying Bye Felisha to what appeared to be a cell phone camera.Solange and Beyonce were wearing party glasses and waved to the camera.In the second video Beyonce was seen smiling and watching her 5yearold daughter Blue Ivy dance.The little girl hit some popular moves like the Milly Rock while dancing to the viral song Just Do It.Beyonces husband Jay Z can be heard rooting for his daughter in the background.Blue Ivys grandmother and the singers mom Tina KnowlesLaws

Line and mark sex video reallifecam SocietyBy Christopher Feery March 25 2018It doesnt take much to get users on social media riled up most days but sometimes the enthusiasm is well warranted. Such was the case when this video emerged online as it offered up a fascinating glimpse at two of the most famous women in the world. Those two women just so happen to be pretty tight but unlike other famous faces footage of them chilling out is not a regular occurrence. As the Daily Mail shares the video comes from a private birthday party that was attended by both Beyonce and former first lady Michelle Obama. Neverbefore seen footage of Beyoncs private birthday party was leaked online Friday and former first lady Michelle Obama definitely got an invite. Two videos were posted to The Beyhives fan account on Twitter according to the Mail. The first video showed the RB superstar her sister Solange and the former

Screaming teen porn White House Contractors Leaked Email Reveals Secret Service Plans Michelle Obama PassportShare this by Elizabeth Chuck and Tom Winter Sep.22.2016 449 PM ET UpdatedSep.22.2016 836 PM ETUS first lady Michelle Obama speaks during an event on the White House grounds January 16 2014 in Washington DC. The White House held the event to encourage public and private groups to help expand access to higher education in the United States. AFP PHOTOBrendan SMIALOWSKIBRENDAN SMIALOWSKIAFPGetty ImagesAFP Getty Images fileBreaking News EmailsSUBSCRIBEBreaking News EmailsSUBSCRIBEA White House contractors email appears to have been hacked leaking material ranging from Michelle Obamas passport to the number of stairs the Secret Service anticipated Joe Biden would be climbing during a trip to Cleveland.The emails were sent from the Gmail account of Ian Mellul who is a contractor employed as an advance associate at the White House and include correspondences with other White House employees as well as with Melluls friends and professors. In one the staffer references still being in college.A senior U.S. intelligence official called the hack the most damaging compromise of the security of the President of the United States that Ive seen in decades all caused by a careless staffer who compromised information outside government systems merely for convenience.The emails includeDetailed lists of names of Secret Servi

Sri lankan web cam sex chat Michelle Obama leaked NUDES Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign inShare Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in Transcript 4 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in6 Loading... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Sep 18 2016lol clickbait shoutout to dribble squadFIFA 16

Women sexadult QuoraUpdateCancelAnswer WikiAnswered 80w ago Author has 220 answers and 145.2k answer viewsIs it really important and necessary to know someones IQ What do you benefit from knowing Michelle Obamas IQ Why not spend time on things that will make a real difference rather than wasting time in trivia. This interest in IQ can easily become an obsession and a complete waste of time. Even knowing your own IQ is not that important and quite frankly a shear waste of time.Answered 78w ago Author has 124 answers and 284.9k answer viewsShe was unhappy enough with her SAT scores that she has stated publicly her resentment that people thought her scores werent high enough to accomplish what she wanted and proudly noted that she accomplished some of those things anyway. She went to Princeton which has a very high average student SATIQ so she wouldnt have to have a very low score to feel onedown perhaps. Baracks IQ can be estimated at 116119 Peter Knutsens belief that BHOs is obviously very high is likely a result of the presidents excellent scores on verbal portions and the Ivies he got into once they stopped testing him for math. But we have little reason to believe his quantitative scores were higher than average and people who know both of them seem to regard him as smarter. Yet as Knutsen not

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Man with webcam dating The website DC Leaks which is believed to have ties to Russia on Thursday morning revealed a cache of emails that appears to have been stolen from the account of a White House official.The emails from the Gmail account of Ian Mellul which date from February 2015 through July of this year contain a mix of internal chitchat planning logistics and other materials from both the White House and Clinton campaign.The website posted an image of what appeared to be the first ladys personal passport on Twitter.White House press secretary Josh Earnest could not confirm whether the hack is genuine but said the White House is looking into it.We take any reports about a cyber breach seriously particularly if it contains some sensitive information.Certainly this is something we are taking a close look at.The Secret Service said it is aware of the alleged hacking incident.Obviously the Secret Service is concerned any time unauthorized information that might pertain to one of the individuals we protect or our operations is allegedly disclosed said agency spokesperson Nicole Mainor. But Mainor said the Secret Service does not provide information on investigations as a matter of policy.LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for Mellul were deleted on Thursday morning.DC Leaks claims to have been started by American hackers though it has been accused of having links to the Russian government.It has previously release